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Meet the Staff


Each member of the Personal Touch Marketing & Manufacturing, Inc. team plays a vital role, and we are a fun, enthusiastic and dedicated group of people. Our process-driven team analyzes each project with a fresh perspective to achieve the most compelling solutions, and our company slogan, "Dedicated to quality, dedicated to you", helps lead us on our mission to produce the highest quality custom products and services.

Take a moment to read about our staff below! And to get to know us a little better, give us a call, send us an e-mail, or stop in for a cup of coffee and browse our showroom!

Cheri J.

Cheri J. (President)
"It’s kind of fun to do the impossible." - Walt Disney

• Established Personal Touch in 1990 as an embroidery company.

• Enjoys making a product or marketing idea come to life for a customer.

• Loves to travel – particularly to warmer climates.

• Determined to find the world's best sushi.

• If it is nice out, you can find her on one of her favorite golf courses.


Solo (Vice President)

• Solo is an only child, and that is how she got her name.

• Enjoys napping.

• Favorite food is steak (or any meat of any kind really).

• Has never missed an employee gathering or staff meeting (when there is food involved).

• Can be seen as the face of “Solo Bucks” which are accepted as credit to our store!

Benjamin S.

Benjamin S. (Creative Director)
"Design won’t save the world, but it certainly makes it look good."

• A morning person who regularly wakes up before his alarm.

• The best vacation destinations involve mountains and lakes.

• Couldn’t live without traveling, family, friends, and music.

• Loves the diverse projects, design work, and awesome coworkers at PT.

• Believes laughter, occasional sarcasm, and puns are the solution to most problems.

Breann M.

Breann M. (Sales Manager)
"Donut worry, be happy."

• Theme song is “Let It Go,” from Disney’s Frozen (according to an online quiz).

• Believes best part of waking up involves coffee... and donuts.

• Married her high school sweetheart (cue the awws).

• Has never broken a bone, but has had her head stitched seven times.

• NDSU Alumni (“Go Bison!”) with a degree in Business Management.

Alli K.

Alli K. (Marketing & Sales Representative)
“I recently tried Nutter Butter for the first time... it was tasty.” - Alli K.

• A bit of a nerd, her favorite TV Show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The Matrix and Lord of the Rings Trilogy are tied for her favorite movies.

• Couldn’t live without pizza or her cat, Dagon. They’re a package deal.

• Alli’s favorite thing about PT is the company VP, Solo. “That furry pup is the heart and soul of PT and we would all surely perish without her.”

• Loves exploring and eventually would like to make it to Scotland so she can finally find and tame Nessie.

• A book pairs well with a glass of wine. A movie pairs well with a good beer. Both Alli and pizza pair well with all of the above.

Kelli P.

Kelli P. (Marketing & Sales Representative)
"Happiness is a choice." - Valerie Bertinelli

• Described as quirky, sleepy, and coffee-fueled.

• Loves to cook, it’s something her mom taught her growing up.

• Her favorite drinks are beer, water, and margaritas – in that order.

• Kelli’s favorite thing about Personal Touch is the atmosphere and how everyone works so well together.

• Hates the feeling of cornstarch. *shudder*

Brooke M.

Brooke M. (Marketing & Sales Representative)
"Be the change you wish to see in the world.” - Ghandi

• Originally from Jenison, MI, and recently moved to Fargo in August 2017.

• Has a 28 lb. cat (yes, you read that right) named Captain Fluffy.

• Her passion is making other smiles as well as arts. In fact, she taught herself how to draw!

• Her theme song is “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Marvin Gaye.

• Trains make her happy. She might be one of the only people that gets excited when stuck in traffic due to a train.

Deb B.

Deb B. (Embroidery Supervisor)
"It's all good."

• Can’t go a day without watching The Big Bang Theory.

• She has been employed at Personal Touch for over 20 years.

• Enjoys scrapbooking, archery, and hunting with her husband and son.

• Scared to death of frogs.

• Friends/Coworkers would say she is sassy, funny, and kind.

Nicole B..

Nicole B. (Engraving/UV Specialist)
"Some people will be boring this week. Not you. You’ve got too much awesome to spread." - Kid President

• Enjoys riding motorcycle with her husband and seeing the scenery fly by.

• Perfectionist to the max.

• Her theme song is “Still Into You” by Paramore.

• Makes homemade jewelry for family and friends.

• Loves what she does at PT, oh, and also her coworkers.

Spencer R.

Spencer R. (Graphic Artist/Screen Print Supervisor)
"Being awful at something is the first step towards being sorta good at it."
- Jake the Dog

• Sometimes mistaken as the actor Ben Affleck.

• Firmly believes nothing important happens before noon.

• Says Hawaii is the best vacation destination.

• Couldn’t live without friends and music... Don't make him choose.

• Favorite drink is beer (various) or Arnold Palmer Tea.

Michael Y.

Michael Y. (Graphic Artist)
"Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza." - Wise Man

• Wears cargo shorts as there is a pocket for everything.

• Autobiography title: The Man in the Gorilla Suit... (if he had one)

• Dominates in Super Smash Brothers with his main pal Donkey Kong.

• Fun fact: Michael’s left thumb is double-jointed.

• Theme song is “Africa” by Toto.

Shannon R.

Shannon R. (Embroidery Specialist)
"Keep a smile on your face, it’s the best accessory you can ever wear."

• Served in the U.S. Air Force.

• Taught herself to sew.

• Couldn’t live without music and coffee.

• Loves to bake and decorate cakes and make lifelike baby dolls.

• Was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.

Sarah E.

Sarah E. (Embroidery Operator)
Too long to put here, but the final speech from “The Great Dictator” by Charlie Chaplin

• Described as positive, goofy, empathetic and has a passion for making other people laugh. Is also a big fan of Charlie Chaplin.

• A fun fact is that she does open mic stand up comedy!

• Her go-to karaoke song is “Ice Ice Baby.”

• The one thing she can’t live without is CHEESE!!!

• Won the title of “Miss Sauk Centre 2006” in her hometown for her talent of lip syncing to NSYNC!

Rachel W.

Rachel W. (Production)
“Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring?” - Cast Away

• Currently attends MSUM for Elementary Inclusive Education.

• Loves cooking, crafting, knitting, journaling, and painting.

• Her celebrity lookalike would be Maisie Williams.

• Has a passion for teaching and working with kids.

• Is known to always be binge watching something!

Wade G.

Wade G. (Digital Manager)
"Live for today, work for tomorrow."

• Originally from Tintah, MN.

• Majored in Sign Lettering & Designs at Detroit Lakes Tech at the top of his class.

• Described as driven, accountable, and respectful.

• Cannot live without the gym.

• His favorite things about Personal Touch team are atmosphere and willingness in all departments to get projects done in a timely manner.

Derek G.

Derek G. (Production)
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why we call it the present!" - Master Oogway (Kung Fu Panda)

• Is the only one in his family who is left-handed and doesn’t need glasses.

• Enjoys traveling anywhere international, with Australia being his favorite and New Zealand being a close second.

• Has a gorgeous kitty named Delilah (but goes by Lily).

• Is described as energetic, positive, and friendly, and believes in keeping a positive mindset throughout anything.

• Hobbies include: riding motorcycle, running, hiking, camping, playing videogames, slackline, snowboarding, and longboarding.


Stay tuned for additional staff members who have yet to be added!